Posted on December 21st, 2015 by Bobby Tam

Latest Software Release Enhances “Smartphone User Experience” for Dispatchers.

IP Command recently announced their latest software release for the T4 Unified Dispatching Platform. Release 8.2 is designed to dramatically improve the dispatcher experience by leveraging the capabilities of T4’s rich graphical user interface (GUI), increase the potential for third-party application integration and further strengthen the solution security architecture.

T4 Release 8.2 highlights include :

  • Significant increase in the performance of the GUI; for dispatchers, the increase in responsiveness of the touchscreen improves productivity and their overall experience;
  • New “zoom” capability for all screen applets enables users to adapt the size of critical windows according to their workflow;
  • Intuitive “sliding” capability for ending speaker calls;
  • “Pinch and merge” of calls and conferencing on handset call icons revolutionizes the creation of conference calls;


Chris Corridon, Managing Director for IP Command North America said: “We believe that by introducing powerful smartphone experiences and capabilities to our dispatching platform we are making it even easier for dispatchers to intuitively connect with our products and to use them more effectively to improve their performance.”

Release 8.2 also extends Voice Activity Detection (VAD) to IP Command’s Mobile Commander application for smartphones and tablets. VAD enables users to more easily distinguish the identify callers when they are dealing with a high-volume of calls or speaker channels.

In addition, the introduction of a new application programming interface (API) enables greater interaction with 3rd party applications such as automatic line subscription

IP Command has also launched a major initiative on the T4 solution security architecture and has enables support for security certificates for the T4 Turret Support Server (TSS), IP Command’s web based management and administration tool for the unified dispatching communications platform.

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