Command centers often have a single mission:

Command centers often have a single mission: to respond urgently to critical events. Unfortunately, command centers using outdated PBX and related communications systems are faced with multiple telephone, radio and video systems that can hamper rapid response.

IP Command was formed in response to a call-to-action from leaders in control center technologies. Based on proven IP, VoIP, and RoIP technologies, IP Command has become a leader in real-time command center communications and collaboration by unifying communications for vital action.

IP Command has also been battle-tested over six years, operating as a pivotal trading console platform for global banks, brokerages, and hedge funds.

Now available to command centers worldwide, IP Command offers a rich, scalable and seamless communications platform to increase performance and help professionals respond rapidly to unforeseen events.


IP Command equally addresses the needs of technical decision makers and command center users. Regular face-to-face meetings, workgroup discussions, key client beta programs and regular surveys help us to continuously stay ahead of technological and ergonomic innovation.

Thanks to technologies based on open standards (SIP) as well as user-friendly touch screen interfaces, IP Command updates our solutions with one major and two minor releases per year. Through this continuing process of technological evolution, IP Command customers can be certain that they will always benefit from latest product improvements.



IP Trade


We live in a challenging world where instant unified communication is often the norm. Unfortunately, traders using isolated turret and telecom systems are not always so fortunate.

In 2005, our founders took up the challenge by bringing IP Trade to the market. In doing so, and for the first time in history, this innovative system extended IP and VoIP technologies to the trading floor by unifying voice, data, and streaming media into a single, agile, and always-available solution.

Today, IP Trade is the leader in real-time communications and collaboration for trading floor environments. We offer traders working in global markets robust tools for increased performance, profitability, and end-customer service through higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

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