Unified VoIP-RoIP Communications & Collaboration for Command Centers

Command center professionals are mandated to replace older PBX systems with next-generation, integrated communication consoles, devices, and related software for increased performance and rapid response.

IP Command unifies vital command center communications with advanced VoIP / RoIP and IP software applications and state-of-the-art, proven hardware. Based on open-standards architecture including Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), IP Command is easily extended to multiple communications and telecom technologies including voice, radio, video, and data systems.

IP Command provides a wide range of Dispatch Consoles, Field, Out of Room and Infrastructure solutions to increase response efficiency for command centers.

Dispatcher Consoles

IP Command T4 Dispatch Console Series

T4 and T4M

This range of Dispatch consoles offers command center operators a purpose-built high-capacity form factor with rich graphical touch screen interface that unies voice, video, data, and radio communications on fixed or mobile networks for users in a single, sturdy, easy-to-use and customizable desktop device which can be built-in to a console or free-standing.

IP Command T4-Flex Dispatch Console Application

T4 Flex

T4 Flex Soft Dispatch consoles Application offers dispatch professionals a comprehensive, streamlined trading turret communications experience on any Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 device, to maximize flexibility and productivity.

Field Solutions

Field Solutions

Wherever you want to collaborate and communicate on the field, an IP Command compliant solution has been developed to meet the challenge on multitude platform.

Out of Room Solutions

IP Command Mobile Commander Dispatch console Application for Cisco DX Series

Cisco DX Series

Use Cisco DX Series (DX80, DX70, DX650) in a wide variety of IP Command environments and no matter where traders travel: at home, in shared workspaces, or shared quiet rooms.

IP Command Icom Intercom Application for Cisco Phone

ICOM for Cisco

ICOM for Cisco is an application that bridges group intercom between turrets and Cisco 7941 and 9971 phones.


IP Trade TPO

Turret Proxy Open Line Server (TPO)

IP Trade TSS

Turret Support Server (TSS)

Voice Recording

Voice Recording