Wherever command center personnel operate, an IP Command solution has been developed to meet the challenge.

Mobile Commander Windows 7, 8.1 and 10

Based on industry-standard Microsoft Windows Professional Operating System, extend lines, speed dials and intercoms to Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 devices. Mobile Commander is ideal for command center personnel working in the field who still require instant access to vital radio and telephony communications.


IP Command T4-Flex Dispatch Console Application

Key Features

  • Max. 5 simultaneous media streams (two handsets, 3 speakers)
  • Headset-compatible, max. two handsets, microphone, speaker
  • Max. 10,000 appearances/128 per page/64 viewable; unlimited pages, unlimited sharing
  • Supports SIP, PSTN, private line auto ringdown, manual ringdown
  • Hold/conference/transfer/patching/mute/select/unselect/call queues/barge-in
  • Individual global controls; global/local muting options; voice activity LED
  • Differentiated ringtones, variable background/button colors; multiple font sizes/languages
  • Corporate directories, simplified search, call history, favourites, speed dials, conferencing


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Mobile Commander Android

Mobile Commander Android unleashes command center professionals from their desks. By extending all lines and intercoms to a handheld platform, dispatchers, operations center managers, and field staff participate in critical telephone and radio communications via Android powered smartphones and tablets. Mobile Commander Android also delivers powerful backup and recovery capabilities.


Key Features

  • Simple, cost-effective soft client application runs on any Android device
  • Extends complex dispatch operator communications to mobile and remote users
  • One-Touch access to multiple radio and telephony channels
  • Line-sharing, Barge-In, and multi-level conferencing capability
  • Monitor up to five channels simultaneously
  • Headset and voice recorder compatible
  • High-availability architecture; scalable to thousands of users
  • Runs on Android only


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IP Command Mobile Commander Dispatching Application for Android

Mobile Commander Web

Mobile Commander WEB brings integrated console functionality to a web-based browser environment, empowering command center personnel to maintain full communications activity even in the field. Working on their internet-enabled PC or smartphone device of choice, Mobile Commander WEB gives instant access to private wires and networks (ring-down), DDI (DID) lines, radio, intercoms, corporate directory integration, call history, shortcuts, and speed dials.


IP Command IPT Connect Dispatch Web Application

Key Features

  • Seamlessly communicate between command center staff without the need to be physically connected to consoles.
  • Add additional users to communications systems during peak activity periods at reasonable costs
  • Centralize call recording for command center communications (Active Recording)
  • Provides staff an alternative to inefficient PBX phone systems without the expense of deploying standard console infrastructure


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